Reliable access to safe, affordable water reduces time lost to illness, time spent collecting water, and creates greater opportunity for families to improve their lives and contribute to their community. Donors can help communities in need build new water purification centers, saving lives, empowering residents, and creating opportunities that ripple out into the local economy.

Who we reach

Community Pure Water has worked with over 230 villages and 200 schools to build sustainable water purification centers.

These centers provide over 600,000 people with reliable access to safe, clean water. With your help, 1,000,000 people in rural India can have reliable, sustainable access to safe water by 2022.

A graph showing how many centers have been built each year since 2011. In total 249 have been built.

What we do

Community Pure Water works together with communities to Install, Operate, and Maintain water purification centers, ensuring sustainable, reliable access to safe water day after day, year after year. Our IOM model ensures that plants remain operational for the long haul.  


As part of our partnership,  selected villages provide raw water, electrical connection, and structures to house the water purification center and Community Pure Water technicians install the purification equipment, train local operators, and arrange for regional technicians to support ongoing operation and maintenance.


Each plant is operated by a local community member , trained by Community Pure Water technicians.  Rural communities support plant operations by purchasing water. A price of less than 35 paise or less half a cent per liter covers the center’s operation and maintenance costs, as well as the salaries of the local operators and regional technicians.


Our expert regional technical staff monitors the plant function and water quality every day and performs scheduled maintenance and repairs. With our robust network of equipment/parts warehouses and qualified regional technicians, repairs and replacements can be made within 24 hours. Our 24/7 call-center ensures each water purification center can access support to remain fully operational.

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