10 Years and 1 Million Liters Later: Mangalpalli

August 24, 2021
In 2011 Community Pure Water worked with Mangalpalli village to install a water purification center. Today, as many as 100 families collect water from this center a day. We spoke to Mrs. Subhadramma about how the plant has improved life in her village.

Mangalpalli is a village of approximately 2,600 residents located in the district of Ranga Reddy about 30 kilometers (18 miles) south of Hyderabad. Ranga Reddy is the fastest developing district in the state of Telangana, but Ranga Reddy still struggles with water quality, ranking fifth worst in Telangana for water quality.

In July 2011, Community Pure Water installed a water purification center in the village of Mangalpalli, helping make safe, clean water available to the village residents. Prior to working with CPW to install a new water purification center, Mangalpalli relied on public borewells to supply water to residents.  Not only was the water untreated but residents had to wait in long lines to access the available wells. The water purification center in Mangalpalli helped residents access safer water more easily and at affordable rates.  

Ten years later, the water purification center in Mangalpalli is still running strong, serving almost 100 familiesa day, and distributing over 13,000 liters of purified water every month. Since opening, the Mangalpalli water purification center has treated and distributed over a million and a half liters of water. 

Earlier this year we spoke to a resident of Mangalpalli who identified herself as Mrs. Subhadramma. "Before we had to wait for a long time in queue for water at public taps, but now [we can get water] easily without waiting."  Beyond the peace of mind from knowing their water is safe, clean, and always available, Mrs. Subjadramma's family are saving time and money. "We are able to focus on our regular work [with the time saved from] getting the purified water from the water purification center." 

Community Pure Water has worked with hundreds of villages like Mangalpalli to help make safe, clean water available to all residents, so villagers no longer need to choose between expensive water delivery services and untreated groundwater.


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